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Course listing
Please select 6 courses that are of interest to you. Most applicants will study 3 A-levels and an Extendend Project Qualification (What is this?), however 4 A-level programs are more appropriate for some career pathways and students. Your choice to request 3 or 4 A-Levels will be discussed during interview

The Extended Project Qualification gives you a chance to carry out a piece of research, put on an event or make something that interests you. Employers and universities really value this qualification, and our students find it gives them the extra competitive edge needed in successfully applying for courses or jobs.

Make your selection in preference order, putting the subjects you most want to study first.

Please select your choices (including Cambridge Technicals) by following the Standard A/AS level Applications link below. You may only request a course from the A2 link if you expect to gain a good AS grade in this subject before embarking on your sixth form studies.

View the list of courses you can study here