King Edward VI College Applicant Portal

Thank you for your interest in a place to study at King Edward VI College Stourbridge from September 2023.

To apply for a place to study with us you must register using a valid email address.
Please ensure you check your email accounts regularly throughout the application process, including any 'spam' or 'junk' folders. Emails from our applicant portal will come from our '' email account.

Once registered, our online application system will guide you through four simple stages.

  1. Personal details
  2. Parents details
  3. Qualifications
  4. Course selection

Once we have received the completed first part of your application, we will email you to request your personal statement and career aspirations documents. Only when we are in receipt of these is your application fully completed, and we can begin the decision making process.

If you need any help along the way, please contact the Admissions team on

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GDPR Student Privacy Notice

What are we collecting and why?

We need to collect and process your personal data to meet certain legal obligations, to provide you with services and to manage day to day business. We are very careful what details we ask you to supply and ensure that we only collect information that we use.

Some of the information we will ask you for is quite personal, such as your name and contact details, ethnicity, sex, medical information and any learning difficulties you may have. None of your answers will influence your application at all (we promise!), however it is information we are legally required to supply to government agencies.

What will we do with it?
You can trust us with this information.
We have a legal obligation to share some data with government agencies and the local authority and will only share what we are required to.

  1. We will share some data with your parents so that they can support you whilst you are a student with us.
  2. We will be in touch with your school so that they can provide information to support your application.
  3. Once you become a student, we may share limited data with some specialist companies that help us give you the best educational experience we possibly can. We have agreements in place with these companies to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information.
We will never sell your information or use it inappropriately, as that goes against our policy and values. It will be treated with the utmost respect. It will be very safely secured from unauthorised access and shared only where necessary. We will make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

How long will we keep this information?
We have a legal obligation to keep the bulk of it for approximately seven years after you leave, but we will keep some of it far longer. This is to allow us to supply you with your achievement history and references, long after you leave.

How can I find out more?
This is a summarised version of a far larger policy that lists things in greater detail. That policy can be found HERE. If, after reading the policy, you have any concerns about the way we are collecting or using your personal data, please contact us on If you have concerns and are not happy with the response you have received from the data protection officer, you can raise your concerns with the Information Commissioner's Office at